Hi Mark, Merry Christmas. Wish you and your family happy and healthy.


Tomorrow is our holiday, I will go to seaside, what’s your idea of your dream vocation?


①Have you ever been in China, If you are interested in the Chinese country,

I strongly recommend you to visit the Imperial Palace in Beijing.

②Yesterday we went to an Cantonese restaurant for team building? It’s mild taste.

What kind of Chinese food do you prefer?

③Are you a sports fan? That basketball game yesterday had me glued to my seat.


Here attached specifications of B products. Please kindly check it. Would you like to

get a sample? Please kindly advise your shipping address.


The samples are ready. And we will ship it out this afternoon. Will keep you informed.


Hi Mark, here is your tracking number: xxx xxx xxx by DHL. It will arrive within 5 working days.


Have you received the samples of waybill xxx xxx xxx? Is it fit your needs?

Please let us know when you finished testing.


Hi Mark, it has been two weeks since last contact. Any feedback about the sample?


Any feedback about the quotation? Any idea about lead time, price or

shipping method, please let us know. We will do our best to help you get your customer\'s order.


Please kindly be advised that the lead time is delayed for three days, as the weather is too bad we are off work for two days.


I saw your cats on Instagram. She is really very cute and lovely. I love cats too. Could you please teach me how to take care of pets?


Is it convenient for you to have a phone call on Monday (Aug. 30th) 5:00p.m for Thursday (Sep. 2nd) 11:00am?


We will have 3 days off due to Mid-Autumn Day from Sep.,19th to Sep., 21th.


Recently we developed a new product, xxx. It has a good performances in …

Here attached pictures and specifications for your reference.


Could please take a minute to write a review for the quality and service?

It would be very appreciated if you can give some suggestions.


Guangzhou is getting hotter and hotter, and we stay inside with

AC all day. What\'s your local weather like?


Your daughter looks so sweet and smart girl. How old is she?


Hi XX, I just saw your post on Facebook. So beautiful scenery!Where did you go?


Hi dear , our new items for sale these days , kindly check the attached file information , please let me know if you require any more details .


Hello dear, Hope you are well . Enclose is our updated catalogue for your reference. Hope some types will meet your requirement .


Hello dear, i am writing to you is let you know our price adjustment ,you will be pleased to know that we offer our professional service at price much cheaper than the competition .

22 价格表更新

I am enclosing a price list fo.r your reference , please let me know

if you have any questions .

23. 产品瑕疵

I am sorry to note that these pieces of device was found to be slightly

defective. We need more time to solve the problems .

24. 打折促销

We will provide a discount of up to 20 percent on the items as attached

on September .

25. 介绍当地住宿

I am planing a business trip to New York from October 1 to October 10 ,

Can you recommend a good restaurant around there ?

26. 感恩

Hi dear , the reason i am writing to you is to thank you for all that

you have done for me .

27. 告知客户可以小批量定制

Hello dear, writing just bring you a good news that we can customized

logo for you with small order quantity .

28. 延迟交货

Please accept our sincerest apologies for the delay in delivery .

29. 开工邮件

Dear, how are you Doing? I just come back from the Chinese holiday .

Any inquiries ,please feel free to contact me .


Sometimes I feel life-hard when you always not reply me and never order from

me . so that i lose confidence of my job .What is the current status of the job market on your country ?


We are going to launch a sales discount on September , we can send to you free sample before your order if you need .

32. 客户喜好

If you will buy a bag , which brand will you choose ?


Hello dear, how are you ? i plan to read with every day one hour . What would you suggest regrading further reading? May i know what books you are reading these days ?


Our products are UL, CE, Rob\'s approved. Here attached the certifications for your reference.


Our main products including A, B, C and D. And B is very popular in your market. Do you have any interest to get more details?


How long have you been in this industry? You look like an expert!


Some of my customers told me that the products are very popular in their market. How about feed-back from your retailers and consumers?


This is the price list, but it serves as a guide line only. The price depends on the quantities,Is there anything you are particularly interested in,i can give you an introduction and some suggestions.


I saw your headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas. My sister lives there and she likes the city very much. How long have you been there?

40. 我能为你做

We can provide you one sample to test,and it can help you to reduce the risk.


The weather in Shenzhen has kept changing recently. How about your city?

42. 了解客户计划

The effect of the covid-19 is continuous .It seems that the life has been

disrupted, what’s your goal this year?


Are you a morning person or night person ? I can contact you when you are available.


Hi...,we xxx company is a professional xxx manufacturer,which is located in XX city


Hi...,this is XXX represent to XXX company.


Hi ...,there is a series of new products developed in our company this year,

we received good feedback from other customers on the samples and they

are planing orders for it. You are the first one that I recommend to in your

country. I hope you can seize the first opportunity in your market.

If any interests I\"ll send you more details soon.


Hi ...,our newest catalogue of xxx products is attracted for your reference.


Hi...,the price list for a part of hot selling products in our company.

I\'d like to recommend to you for your reference,check

Pls and don\'t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions .


Wish you a wonderful XXX holidays /Merry Christmas and happy new year!

Best wishes to your family...


we are going to have Dragon Boat Festival next week, people celebrate

the Dragon Boat Festival by rowing dragon boats, making zongzi and other

lively ways, especially the dragon boat race is very interesting....


I have visited your website and found that X products are on sale in your company,sincerely we produced these products for many years.would you mind to have the details about it from us for comparison pls?


Hi...,could you help me to buy XXX from your country pls, I\'ll pay for it and

shipping cost...


Do you have any plan to visit the exhibition next month in Guangzhou city?


Free samples are available ,I\'ll send you for testing if required.


If there is any feedback for the samples?


I am on vocation at XX place,it\'s beautiful here, pictures share to you,if there is a chance for you to come to China,It\'s worth visiting here.


I cooked my favorite Chinese food XXX by myself today ,I\'m very happy with the progress of my cooking. It tastes good and I want to share it with you.


I know you like XXX very much, I went shopping today and thought of you when I saw this. You must look beautiful if wearing it.


News reports that the COVID-19 situation in your country is becoming more serious. Please pay attention to protect yourself and your family and try not to go out. If there is anything I can help you, don\'t hesitate to let me know.

We learned about Afghanistan from the news. hope you and your family are all safe.


Happy birthday to you and best wishes!


Writing to you to tell you that we will have the Chinese New Year holidays

from XX to XX.If you have an order plan recently, please arrange it in

advance and we will ship them before holidays for you.


A good news for you!This month is Alibaba procurement Festival. With the

approval of the company, there will be a great discount for ordering this product

this month,this will be benefit to you.


I am pleasure to invite you to China to visit our new exhibition hall...


I heard that the situation of COVID in your country is getting bad. Are

you and your family OK? Please take care of yourself and family.


As the Christmas coming soon. What\'s the plan do you have?


Our product has passed these test attached.Can I know if your products

need these test standard in your market?


Good news. Recent we have developed a new product. Here attached the

picture and spec. Hope you will like it and add into your product line

to get the market share in advance and get more profit in priority because

we didn\'t show other customers in your country.


The goods are ready to ship to one of our customer.See attached picture.


Recently we got a big order from ABC company. Now their inspector is checking the goods.Find attached pictures of inspecting and report with pass .Do you need inspection after ordered?


Recently here is rainy a lot Video attached. How about your side?


I am distressing lately because I gained weight a lot.Do you have

better way to lose weight?What\'s sport you like?


I saw your profile picture is with your daughter.She is so cute.

How old is she?I have one 2 years old daughter.


How is your sales situation?Is there anything we can help to support you?


I have married with my husband for 4years.Are you married?


On Weekend.I usually cook for my family.Do you like cooking?

And have you tasted Chinese food?


Last week.I have travelled at **city in China.Here sharing the picture

to you.Have you been China before?


I have worked at this industry for 5years.Can i know how many

years you worked at this industry?How do you think its development prospect?


Today we get a good review from our customer.See attached.

We will survey the feedback from our customers every month to improve us



Our company has attended Canton fair in 2018 and we got many

orders from there.Have you been Canton fair before?


Recently our company plan to develop a new product.Do you have a good

suggestions like what\'s in vogue at your market?

As you are experienced at this industry.


I have went Munich Germany 4years ago for business and visited Audi exhibition.What\'s brand of car you like?


Good news.we have a promotion at the end of month.We can offer you a big discount and add two years warranty if you can order this month.

What\'s your opinion?


We have deeply cooperated with ** and ** brand for 3 years. So we are confident of our product quality and service.I believe we can be one of your suitable supplier.


Do you want to be our exclusive agent in your country?

Do you want to build your own brand for cycling wear?

Do you want to get same Italy quality cycling wear with Chinese price?

85 假期过后-

Hi, how’s it going recently? I think you have gone back to work from today,hope you had a very nice vacation in pass few weeks.

Look forward to hear some interesting stuff from you in your vacation!


Hey, how are you? Long time no updated news from you,

Are you still following the previous project? We have got many new items recently and really want to share with you, do you want to know more?


Hi, Joanna’s coming! How do you do? I have recently become obsessed with swimming, I feel very excited that I can still learn different skill in passionate. Also I feel I can learn more to be your better supplier.

How about you?


Hi, how are you doing? I am still very interested in the project you mentioned before, have you got any updated process? You know we are always ready to support you.


Hi, everything good? Very good news for you! We have updated our catalog, and so many fantastic products for your reference. We will expend our market with more and more high end knives, including popular design and high quality imported material. So I think you could upload many new items on your website soon!


Hi, Happy birthday! Just noticed that yesterday was your birthday, sorry for late blessing. Wish you have a heath and happy future! In China, we will have special food to celebrate birthday, such as noodles and baozi, what’s your special food yesterday? If someday you come to China, you will see we have hundreds of kinds of noodles from all over the China.

Do you have plan to visit China?


Hi, how are you? I have good news would like to share with you, yesterday .I got a confirmed information from our engineer team that we can make that model you mentioned before. Do you want to start the sample?


Hi, Hope you are well! May I have your idea about our offer? We will try to satisfy you upon receipt of your reply. As we don’t want to lose a good customer like you. If there is anything we can do for you, we shall be more than pleased to do so.

93 年轻客户

Hi ! Everything good? I am trying to get course for improving knife professionalism this year, do you want to get a teacher for free and beautiful? I am pleased to be :)


Hey, a nice car share with you. It’s my goal to be reached this year .


I checked your website carefully and found photos are not clear.

We would like to help you with more professional and clear photos if you order from us.


We have a customer ordered 1000pcs of this cycling jacket last week.If you confirm the order this week, we can give you 2% discount. Because arranging the order at one time will save raw material cost and labor cost for us.


Please be careful when the price is so much lower. We have a customer got sample and ordered from a much cheaper factory.Now he is complaining about their poor quality all day.


I must say you are really so experienced. And I have learned a lot from you.Could you please tell me what requirements your country normally have for this product?

99 .交期

①May I know when will you need these items? Our production takes 4 weeks Normally you’re your order is urgent, we can put as urgent order for you.

② We have quite busy production plan now and delivery date maybe one week more than usual. Pls confirm the order within this week to catch your delivery date. Thanks.


①I\'m glad you have a good supplier. Anyway It\'s never too bad to have one more option. As you know one factory can\'t catch all your delivery date in time especially when it\'s their peak season.

②So glad to hear you have a good supplier. But pls noted we are always here ready to offer service to you any time. Once we have any new products,we will share with you.